Commerce settings

Almost all Commerce customization can be accomplished using the Rules module. This includes adding shipping rate padding, customer notifications of shipment tracking, and order status changes.

Order ID prefix

To ensure unique order identification the Shipwire Commerce module requires a non numeric order prefix. An unique order id is required when a shipment is submitted to Shipwire for fulfillment. After this stage the unique Shipwire ID is used for order tracking. Almost all stores will not need to change the default setting. 

Order Fulfillment

Most stores will be safe in using the default setting of processing order fulfillment immediately during checkout. To fulfill an order a request is sent to Shipwire and a response must be received to successfully complete the order. If communication is interrupted or fails then the shipment and checkout process will fail. Shipwire has an impeccable server uptime history which results in orders being completed successfully. If you require absolute verification that shipments are successfully processed then we recommend using batch processing be used.This methiod processes shipments continually until they have been sucessfully completed.

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