Shipwire account settings

Email and password

The Production and Test servers require separate accounts to be created on each server. If using both servers it is recommended to use different logins to ensure that real charges are not accidentially incurred.When using the Production server it is recommeneded to use an API level account for this module as outlined in Setting up Shipwire accounts.

Server - Test or Production

Pretty self explanatory: use the Test server to conduct testing where transactions do not incur any charges. Use the Production server when you are ready to make real shipments that result in real transactions

Response - Real or Fake

This can be a little confusing as both the Test and Production server can generate Real or Fake responses.


When using the Production server choosing the Real option will result in actual transaction being executed and is the setting to use when you are ready to use the Shipwire service. When using the Test server using the Real setting will result in simulated responses to API request which provide full responses to requests. This is the desirable setting to choose for proper testing but it requires that products exist in the Shipwire Merchant panel and are (fake) stored in warehouses.


When used on the Production or Test servers using the Fake option will result in generic responses being returned from the API. It is only suitable for testing response parsing and does not provide simulated responses to requests. Furthermore shipping rate estimates will never be returned.

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