Inventory tracking (optional)

Inventory tracking will enable your store to update stock levels from Shipwire warehouses. When the Drupal store knows how many products you have it can be customized to warn customers that stock may be back-ordered, stop customers from adding products to their cart when they are out of stock, and unpublish products when they are all sold. There are multiple modules for Ubercart and Commerce stores that provide this functionality.

To setup inventory tracking additional modules need to be installed that are specific to the store being used. This guide will show how to set up basic tracking where all products are only stored in Shipwire warehouses.

Commerce store inventory

Commerce store inventory tracking ingeration uses the Commerce Stock 7.x-1.x module. By default Commerce stock provides rules to decrement inventory when checkout is completed and restricts customers from purchasing products that are out of stock.

Ubercart store inventory

Ubercart stores can use the Ubercart Stock (uc_stock) sub module provided by the Ubercart package. By default the Ubercart stock module provides rules to alter stock levels. To set up inventory tracking first start by installing and configuring the module:

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