JEvents Service Map Integrator

JEvents provides an easy to use calendar of events and it is critical to have a method of quickly adding new events to search engines because they are time sensitive. The mambot provided here searches through the JEvents database and creates a categorized listing that is integrated with the Search Engine Friendly (SEF) Service Map component.

The SEF Service Map component creates a complete site map for viewing by site visitors and an XML version for submission to Search Engines.Beside being fully compatible with all standard Joomla components SEF Service Map is the first open site map component that allows integration with other components like galleries, forums, and others thanks to built-in integrator mechanism.

Download the mambot here:

com_events_bot.zip3.3 KB


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Quickbooks and JEvents

Not sure how or what you want to integrate here. QuickBooks is used for finances and not Event management. If you have an event in QuickBooks it would be a product but the only real info you could store would be name, SKU, price and description. If you want to track online sales of events in QuickBooks then you need to integrate your store (VirtueMart?) with QuickBooks.

gbrandys wrote 6 years 15 weeks ago

JEvents - Quickbooks integration.

Is there a plugin to use Quickbooks (QBMS) with JEvents?

Kevin wrote 6 years 15 weeks ago

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